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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First day of school

Dylan and Maya got accepted to Kingsham primary school. We were all nervous for the first day but it went so well. They both had a good first day and Dylan walked out today saying "I like school"
Maya qualifies for free lunch as she is in the lower grades and is thoroughly enjoying it. 

UK first month

It has been a busy time getting ourselves settled her in the UK. We managed to get all the admin stuff done and also had some fun. My sister Grace and her boyfriend have kayaks. We went with them to West Witterings and Ciro had a go :)

 The Weald and downland museum is a large open air museum about twenty minutes away with old tudor buildings that have been relocated fromm various parts of the country. The kids love it there.

 Jennifer and her family came down from Stowmarket for the weekend. Was so lovely to see them and the kids got on really well.

 Maya looking at spiders through a magnifying glass.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hello UK

Fast asleep in the plane.

 Fast asleep in transit.

 Abu Dhabi from the air.

Grace bought the kids new duvet sets. They were super happy!!

Going for a walk along the road to grandpa's.

 Along the canal down the road.

 The tire swing.

 Goodwood breakfast club..loads of old cars and a spitfire!!

 The old tractor that was in the shed when dad bought the house has gone to a guy who wants to restore it. Ciro helped the guy steer it out :)

 First visit to Bognor beach. It is only 20 minutes away :)

 Can you see the seagull? It wanted our lunch :)
 Maya picked tomatoes and cucumbers from Lizzie's garden.