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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Soap factory field trip

We went to a soap factory with the school. The kids got to make/paint their own soap. Ciro helped create a batman for Dylan. Maya chose a snowman that she could paint.

Dylan's Birthday

It was Dylan's birthday while i was back in South Africa so we decided to postpone the celebrations until i was back. He had quite a few celebrations :)
The annual birthday trip to Chilies where the waiters all sang to him :)

 We broke with tradition and had a cake made for him. Batman of course.

Another cake at school. 

RIP Uncle Geoff

Shockingly one of mom's dearest friends and Ian's godfather Uncle Geoff passed away 9th March just four days after seeing me off at the airport. So sad. He will be missed and we all keep his wife Janice in our thoughts and prayers in this difficult time.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mom 26th January 1947- 25th February 2014

On the 25th February I lost my mom. It still seems so unreal to me and i am trying to come to terms with it. My mom meant so much to all of us. It was so sudden and unexpected. I wanted to write this post to commemorate her. 
The outpouring of love for her from across the globe was overwhelming. Ciro, Myself, Ian, Rhodine and all her grandkids will miss her so very much. She played such an important role in our lives. 

My mom Margie was an unsung hero in many ways. She was a complex person 

and I think it took me well into thirty years to fully grasp her complexities. ‘Your 

mom is so extroverted’ people would say when in fact she was very shy. She was 

very passionate about the causes she believed in ..her soapboxes as she used to 

call them. I grew to love and appreciate that!

She used to say 'Heather there will only be a few friends in life that will be true 

lifelong friends' yet for her there were not only a few, my mom was surrounded 

by some of the most amazing people.

I was going to read WH Auden’s poem ‘Stop all the clocks’ but realized mom 

would not have wanted to wallow in melancholy, so instead I turned to the 

voices of those who loved her to celebrate her. I would like to share some of the 

comments I have received from across continents, races and ages. 

'I am in huge shock over the sudden death of an incredibly beautiful and amazing 

woman, I consider myself hugely blessed to have known her...Margie, an 

extraordinary person and a genuine friend. She will missed by so many."

"A kinder heart would be hard to find."

"Your mom was lovely!"

"Heart of gold and a quirky, crazy sense of humour! Just two of the many reasons 

we loved her so much. Unique "

"Your mom truly was an amazing person"

"A true servant to knowledge."

 "Your mother is an inspiration to me "

"She was a wonderful wonderful person and someone with a great sense of 

humour "

"I loved her and everything that made her Margie "

"I'm thinking of all the times around the kitchen table at 6 Unie street, endless 

cups of tea, and deep discussion's and laughs and kindnesses, and gentleness and 

compassion, and projects, always projects "

"Margie was one of the kindest people I have known. She defined selflessness. 

She enriched our lives and so she was our wealth" 

"Margie Jameson, a lady who didn't have much, but would give her family, friends 

and any stranger in need, the world. "

"Absolutely, a true legend "

"She was an inspiration to me, and a soft place for me and no words will ever 

explain the special place she will always hold in my heart. "

" I have your Mom to thank for introducing me to John Clease & Faulty Towers , 

for memories of a magical circus, her kindness and her intelligence."

"To a very special lady who has always been the light in my darkest days, may 

your soul Rest In Peace and thank you for everything "

"If there's one way we will all remember you by, it's that one morning in the I.T 

lab, dancing down the isle singing, "I'm too sexy for my socks, too sexy for my 

socks" and wiggling your toe socks about. Ma'am Jameson, your memory, bubbly 

personality and laughter will remain with us forever."

"You were an awesome woman!"

"I love you to the moon and back Margie." 

"Remembering how us kiddies all grew up together running around in your 


"Oh Margie, can't see for the tears, can't swallow for this lump, geez you zipped 

out fast, can't think of a more appropriate exit from a girl who appreciated 

brevity; but you could have said goodbye, a gentle hug, a nudge a wink, You 

will be remembered and always with fond love and smile for the kindness and 

compassion you always had for a new mother so unsure so afraid and needing 

the help you gave, thank you darling goodnight."

"She was an incredible lady."

"Your mom was a fountain of knowledge. We spent hours on ‘pp ins’ for chats. She 

used to say she wished the world would be like the ‘lion and lamb lying together’ 

In her word that is how it was and everyone was treated equally."

"I’ll always remember her kindness to me as a young 20 year old and how she 

took all of us under her wing."

"Mom was a truly wonderful friend who will be lovingly remembered by 

everyone privileged enough to know her. "

 And this came from someone who did not know her but who saw the outpouring 

"I know there is a school of thought that says that social media keeps us from 

interacting on a personal level, but the outpouring of love I've seen for Heather 

and her family today on this particular forum during this particularly devastating 

time tells me that although we may sometimes be continents apart, we're closer 

than ever. "

In response

"It's Margie's Magic, she has a home in all our hearts!"

I wanted to share those because that is how she was seen by so many, yet she did 

not see herself in this way. “I’m just being me’ she’d say. `she had a huge impact 

on the lives of so many.

I feel so privileged to have been her daughter and I know that she is finally 

reunited with her own parents who she loved and missed so very much.

Mom I know you are here with us in our hearts, minds and souls. I know you 

will be keeping an eye on Ian and I and not a day will go by that we won’t miss 

you. I tried to whatsapp you to say I was boarding the plane when I realized 

weren’t there anymore . I know there are going to be many moments like that in 

the coming days. I do know that you are at peace now.

My 6 year old daughter said to me 'Granny Margie is dead forever, but I have the 

blanket she made and I will hug it tight and remember her' So I ask you all to 

think of your own Margie memory, hold it tight and remember her, through us 

she lives on.

Ciro and my kids did not make the trip over but Ciro asked me to share this…he 

wrote a poem for mom.

Margaret Heslop Jameson
There is no end,
to who you are,
for you live on,
you endure.
Though you are not here for us to see and touch,
you are ever-present,
and though hearts you touched bleed a tearful song
because you have moved on,
the living flame you lit in our hearts and minds abides.
We remember who you are.
You sparkled life, inspired thought, inspired a higher call.
Your struggles were real yet you rose above them,
with dignity and poise.
For those who could hear, we gleaned life’s wisdom from your lips,
Freely given without ill-will.
You unquenchable fire!
You free spirit!
Where you walk now you still carry the essence of who you were and are.
That will never fade,
Grow faint nor waver.
The memory of you
shines brighter than the star of day,
It shines within us all,
it is echoed all around us:
Within acts of compassion and kindness shown through the actions of others,
Within mindfulness and bravery found within our daily lives,
Your thoughts are echoed within us when we see the callous disregard of people who should know better.
Dear Margie, you were one of the best of us,
and you remain who you are,
no one can take that away from you.
You were and always will be,
more than enough,
a shoulder to lean on,
an ear to hear.
Dignified and quietly victorious.
You burn within us,
We honor you, our mother and friend.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Uk visit part 4

Ian and family arrived just before the reunion and we all stayed together for the final week.


 Michael making breakfast pancakes.

 Bruce was trying to get nice shots of Dylan so Dylan took my camera and started taking pics of Bruce :)
 After lunch etc...6 nations Rugby in the living room :)

The beach at Bognor Regis and then a pub lunch.

Around the garden.

 Maya and Kaylin 'oooohhhig' at the pink dresses.
 Ian and I went up to visit Gran in Rugby for a couple of hours. She was not able to make the reunion as she broke her hip, has had an operation and is in rehabilitation now. Michael drove us back down in the afternoon.

 We came back from town and Michael was chopping wood. He showed the kids and Ciro how and they all had a ball...i only got pics of Maya as i went off to do lunch....super excited and the first thing she told everyone back at school was that she learned to chop wood.

 Proudly showing off the twigs she cut.

At the park with Rhodine, Chris and Kaylin.

 The twins :)

 It has become a family joke that there is a resemblance between Ciro and Grace's boyfriend Joe. Gran even picked them out wrong in a photo we took these two picks to further confuse her lol ;)
 Our last morning...we had not got round to building the gingerbread house dad bought so Auntie Grace gave some assistance.

 Maya just loved playing with Joe.
 Time for goodbyes.

 At Heathrow.

 Here we go...

 Our flight route to Seoul.

 Looking down at the area near Irkutsk, Russia.

 Fluffy clouds, almost in Korea.
 Comfy seats for our 6 hour layover. Got home at 2am. 27 hour journey! An amazing holiday. Loved seeing the family!